Plethora RPG Music Bundle

The Plethora RPG Music Bundle is a humongous library of RPG / Fantasy music. From caves to castles, towns, spooky forests, graveyards, shops, dungeons, biome sounds, and everywhere imaginable in a rogue-like video game, you can combine these tracks many different ways to your own unique creation.

Contains over 120 unique songs specifically tailored for RPG / Fantasy video games. Songs are premium quality 24-bit .wav files and most tracks can be used looping seamlessly or on their own.

Boss Fights
Castle Gates
Caverns of Ice Vol 1
Dawn of the Ogre
Dwarven Keg Party
Elven Dance Jams
Forest Elves Vol 1
Forest Elves Vol 2
Magical Realms
Meadow Melodies Vol 1
Meadow Melodies Vol 2
Rise of the Epic Champion
Simple Orchestral Ambience
Snobby Elves
The Throne Room
Villages Volume 1
Villages Volume 2
Villages Volume 3
Wizards of Alderra

All tracks in this package are also included in the Super Music Bundle that contains a whopping 413+ unique musical arrangements covering most video game music needs. Expect updates in the future. Thanks for taking the time to check out my work! Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see in future updates.