Warehouse Modular System

Warehouse Modular Features

• Build any warehouse you imagine with few clicks using custom unity editor interface.
• Walls, doors, windows and many extra properties to decorate your warehouse.
• 3 Modular to ease building:
o Warehouse modular
o Waterpipes modular
o AC pipelines modular
• Combine everything into one mesh with one click (thanks to mesh combiner asset).
• Adjustable colors using custom shader graph which allows changes the colors of walls and doors.
• Interactable door (Normal doors uses Unity physics & Garage door can open and close on clicking the garage door button).
• 16 Warehouse prefab models ready to use.
• 7 Materials with preset carefully chosen colors.
• 6 Decoration items: Dumpster, AC units, Ladder, Pillar and Ventilation slot.
• Support vertex mesh painting for paint dirt using Polybrush.
• Support all unity pipelines: Built-in pipeline, URP and HDRP.

Thanks for Ali Aweda for cooperating with us to port this asset from Unreal Engine to Unity Engine.

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