Customizable Buttons, Toggles And Switches - Pack

Configurable Buttons, Toggles and Switches Pack.
Fully scripted and animated 25+ buttons models with customizable functionality, events triggers and Substance Material texturing.

- Easly add animated Press Buttons, Click Buttons, Toggles and Switches to your scene.
- Bake your own textures with provided Substance Material (free Substance Plugin for Unity or free Substance Player needed), choose the type of material (aluminium, painted metal, rubber, plastic, chrome, wood), color and decals for each model and add tear&wear and dirtness.
- Fully configurable buttons behaviours and animation.
- 25+ models with 2 LODs (2nd if needed). LOD0:220 triangles average, LOD1 120 triangles average. (Min:80 Max:300 triangles)
- 16 ready-to-go texture sets (Base Color, Normal Map, Mask Map, Metalic Smoothness, Ambient Occlusion and Emission) and more than 80 prefabs for both Standard Pipeline and HDRP.
- Average texture texel density 1024@1024x1024 pixels.

- Reusable in your own assets. Simply add scripts provided with this Asset to your own game object and prepare dedicated animation clip.
- Efficient animation system based on Playables and AnimationClip.
- Mouse and touch event handles based on Standalone Input component, works on desktop and mobile).
- Additional keyboard input controller.
- Extendable and reusable scripts based on interfaces and inherithance.

Customizable Buttons, Toggles and Switches - Pack is part Of BigBlit ActivePack.
Stay tuned for more cool interactive objects! :-)