Farming Engine

Everything you need to create your own farming or simulation game. Add new items, constructions, plants and animals from the Unity inspector, re-skin with your own models, customize the code to your needs and become the best farmer!


-Player controls (mouse, mobile touch, and keyboard).

-Inventory system

-Crafting system

-Equipment (attached to character)

-Resource gathering

-Character attributes (health, energy...)

-Farming (Sowing seeds, plant/fruit growth, hoe, watering)

-Livestock Animals (eat, grow, produce)

-Wild Animal behaviors (wander, escape, chase)

-Hunting and Fishing

-Eating and cooking

-NPC store to buy/sell items

-Combat (attacking and hp)

-Item durability and food spoilage

-Storage boxes (chest)

-Pets (follow, attack and dig behaviors)

-Horse riding

-Bonus effects (Consumable or equipment that boost stats).

-Customizable Actions (streamlined way to include your own code)

-Game clock, day/night cycle

-Save/Load system

Art Assets:

-Animated characters (male and female)

-Animated animals (cow, sheep, chicken, pig, deer, bear,squirrel, bird...)

-Basic material (wood, grass, rock, hay ...)

-Gathering tools (hoe, scythe, axe, pickaxe, fishing rod, ...)

-Food (berries, apples, nuts, meat, fish, ...)

-Cooked food (tacos, popcorn, bread...)

-Constructions (fences, bbq, chest...)

-Environment (trees, bushes, rocks, floor patterns...)

-Farming plants (strawberry, pumpkin, pepper, tomato, wheat...)

-Town models (lamp, bench, houses, shop stand...)

-All 2D icons for interactable models

Demo, Documentation and News:

Asset Forum Post


Youtube Channel




Dialogue & Quests

Map and Minimap


Thank you for considering Farming Engine!