Stylized Devil Bulldog

Stylized Devil Bulldog

Game-ready rigged stylized bulldog with 35(11 root motion) animations.

Compatible with Built-in, URP and HDRP

18.2k Triangles 9.3k Vertices

Model uses 1 material with 4096x4096 PBR texture set

3 Different Texture Style: Toon, Semi-Realistic, Hand Painted

7 Different Color set for each style: Fire, Ice, Venom, Volcanic, Toxic, Rock, Albino

Animations List: Death, DodgeBack, DodgeBack_RM, DodgeLeft, DodgeLeft_RM, DodgeRight, DodgeRight_RM, GetHitBack, GetHitFront, GetHitLeft, GetHitRight, IdleBreath, IdleLookAround, IdleSnuff, IdleTrigger, JumpForward, JumpForward_RM, Roar, Run, Run_RM, RunHornAttack, RunHornAttack_RM, RunHornAttackIdle, RunTurnLeft, RunTurnLeft_RM, RunTurnRight, RunTurnRight_RM, StunIdle, StunWakeUp, Walk, Walk_RM, WalkTurnLeft, WalkTurnLeft_RM, WalkTurnRight, WalkTurnRight_RM

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