Casual Country Music Pack

This music pack contains a selection of 10 loopable tracks in a blend of casual and country styles. Featuring acoustic guitar, piano, flutes, strings, banjo and organic percussion to create a warm, sentimental and wholesome atmosphere. These AAA-quality tracks are ideal for life-simulation games, farm sims, RPG's, laid-back puzzles, kids games and more.

Full Music Previews

TRACKLIST - (.wav 24bit 48khz.)

- Back At The Homestead
- Suburban Life
- Country Heart
- Round 'Em Up
- Spirit Animal
- Just Browsing
- Building Like Crazy
- Plodding Along
- Under The Shade Tree
- Till Next Season

All tracks include 4 versions:

Full (Full track with definitive ending)
Loop (Full loopable version)
Full - No Lead (Without lead instruments, definitive ending)
Loop - No Lead (Without lead instruments, loopable version)