Swamp hut SALE

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This pack keeps a lot of different assets which you can use to make your own swamp location. Also here is even swamp dweller character with few animations.

List of assets gorups which you can find here (I usually sell same assets separately):

Swamp dweller character

Giant stump and prefabricated wooden hut

Swamp tussoks

Mossy trunks and roots

Prefabicated swamp trees

Prefabricated totems

Branches for totems

Small elements for totems (as dried heads, bones etc.)

Swamp plants

Swamp mushrooms

Swamp mossy rocks

Mossy wooden planks and logs

Ropes, knots and fabric strips

Crystall totems

Clay jugs

Vines and curles

Boat, torch, kerosene lamp, hooks and other fishing things

Character animations list:

Attack 1

Attack 2





Hit front and back

Turn left and right