2D Adventure/RPG Music Pack


This pack has 20 main songs with more than one hour of music, and 16 Fanfares for your game.

It'll fit several diferent parts of a game, it has music for adventure, battle, sad, electronic, melancolic, and others :)

If you calculated the cost by music it's really cheap.

You have the list of music here:

Adventure Time! (03:12)
Born in a temple (03:00)
Call for a souvenir (03:10)
Distant Peace (03:00)
Enthusiastic hunting (03:04)
Flying in a dream (03:00)
Take your sword (03:01)
Your Melancholic End (03:00)
In To The Void (03:00)
Go to battle (03:00)
Karate Robot (03:00)
Lair's and The Dragons Fire (03:05)
My Final Sad (03:12)
Not so far (03:00)
Our Village (03:04)
Punch of the Titan (03:19)
Very peaceful (03:00)
Rocket Quest (03:00)
See a strange dance (03:05)
Last (03:05)