Screen Log

Screen Log is a tool to help you track down bugs and tweaks your projects while running on the target devices (mobile or desktop). Checking the log messages allows you to diagnose the problems, or to make adjustments easier.

[Demo apk]

Key Features
- Unity 2018 / 2019 ready.
- Show 3 types of log messages (Debug, Warning, Error)
- Option to copy messages to clipboard
- Adjustable log settings (size, length, opacity,...)
- Responsive design supports any resolution or orientation.
- Works in Unity Personal and Unity Professional
- Full C# source code included.
- User customizable
- Well commented code

File structure:
1) Animations: animations which are used in project
2) Documentation: documentation about the project
3) Fonts: main project fonts
4) Prefabs: object prefabs used in project
5) Scenes: example scene project
6) Scripts: script files
7) Sprites: sprite files used in project

Supports Standalone, iOS, Android, Windows Store, WebGL and Web Player platforms.

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