Camel Spider Monster, Solifugae Mutant Game Enemy

This is a gross little bug known as a camel spider. Except this one is a monster, bigger than a dog, six legs, wielding venomous barbs. Probably a good pet.

This is a simple enemy, with animations demonstrated in the included videos and Sketchfab previews.

Concept: A camel spider monster. Poisoned barbs on frontal limbs. This does not reflect a real living creature, so please do not purchase it unless you are specifically looking for an insect monster. This is not an accurate Sun Spider, but is intended to be a fantasy monster.

- Low poly density, detail is in texture maps and normal maps.
- 4794 Polygons
- 4096 x 4096 res texture and normal maps.
-HDRP textures included.

In the package you will find texture sets for the older, lower detail version, and the now default high detail textures. Also, you can find HDRP textures. The HDRP preview video was created using the 2020.2.2 default HDRP project. See documention on how to set up.
Please note: This model *does not have LODs*. The level of detail available is seen on the wireframe previews. Also note that the polygon count is generally low, with detail being contained in color and normal maps.