Arachnirock, Rock Shooting Spider, Basic Game Enemy

Arachnirock rock shooter, Arachnirock.

See sketchfab previews to see polygon density as well as animations, or any other aspects of the model you may be curious about.

This is a basic enemy with basic animations. He has a shooting animation, which is intended to shoot a rock of your design, or fireball, or anything that can be shot out of a pressure-loaded snout...
This guy is actually inspired from classic games.

- 6195 Polygons
- 4096 x 4096 res texture and normal maps.
- Updated to include new higher detail textures. Old are retained in properly labeled folders.
- Textures included for HDRP use, however this is a basic Universal Unity project. The HDRP previews are taken from a default HDRP startup project of Unity version 2020.2.2.

And yes, I know Arachnids have 8 legs instead of 6. :D

Please note: This model *does not have LODs*. The level of detail available is seen on the wireframe previews. Also note that the polygon count is generally low, with detail being contained in color and normal maps.