Gladiator Female

Low poly model of the Gladiator Female. On board has 4k texture (PBR).

It has 2 color options (leather, metal, fabric), you can dress the model to your liking, and if you still know how to use Photoshop, then it will not be difficult for you to make other colors. The jaw opens with an extra jaw bone, and there are also bones in the lips (the upper, lower and corners of the lips for extra control, "you can do ugly, anger"). Added bones to the cheeks (you can puff out (chewing effect), as well as bones of the eyes and eyebrows. You can roll your eyes, sweep or and make eyebrow gestures.

The model is completely modular, all grids are separated and you can shuffle everything to get new outfits for the naked model. The two versions of the dressed model have one mesh and it is one-piece.

Fully clothed model with helmet and weapon :
faces 33704, tris 64006, verts 36924.

Fully clothed model with hair (no weapons and no helmet) : faces 29694, tris 56384, verts 33893.

Separately :

Helmet : faces 5410, tris 10538, verts 5999.
Hair : faces 2304, tris 4608, verts 3840.

Weapon : Sword + Shield : faces 904, tris 1692, verts 872.

Textures Resolution and Sets :
4096x4096 (normal, metallic, roughness, albedo, AO) - Body, Clothes, Eyes, Hair, Mouth, Weapons.

The model is built on Humanoid rigged.If the starting pose of your animations is slightly different from the pose in the model, you will need to slightly tweak the position of the bones in the config).