Volumetric Light System

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Give your lights some space using our volumetric light system. Easily add volumetric light effects to your lights by simply adding a component, then start tweaking! You can also achieve cool fog effects using the system, and easily share settings between different lights using our profiles system. Moreover, it's a sleek, fast, and lightweight solution, ensuring that your project remains unbloated and processes run smoothly.


  • Incredibly easy set-up (just add a component!)
  • Light volumes for spot, area and point lights
  • Intersection fade effect with other objects
  • Performant: fueled by lightweight shader graphs
  • Camera distance fade effect
  • Profiles to adjust multiple lights as a group
  • Custom fading via gradient
  • HDR color
  • Alpha & additive blending modes
  • Animated fog textures
  • All properties adjustable per light
  • Override light color
  • Real-time adjustment of parameters!

📦 Includes

  • Demo scene
  • Various sample profiles to get you started
  • Shader Graphs for easy modification

✅ Compatibility

This asset currently only supports URP and HDRP. Let us know if you are interested in BIRP support! Tested on PC, macOS (OpenGL/Metal), Consoles, Android/iOS (OpenGLES 3.0+) and in VR.


💸 Good pricing: no additional packages required, works out of the box.

🔎 Transparent and adjustable: the full code for this project is included, allowing you to adjust it to your needs.

🐦 Sparrow product line: this package is sleek and agile, adding as little overhead to your projects as possible. Check out our other packages that are part of this series!

🗺️ Roadmap: we’re using the package ourselves in our projects, continuously improving and fine-tuning it.

❓ Support: we have an extensive documentation, tutorial videos, and a support community on our discord server.

🚧 Limitations

These are no “true” volumetric lights, as some other more expensive (and more performance-heavy) volmetric light systems for Unity are. These lights are simple, performant, and easily customizable. There is no support for shadows or directional lights. This system is designed to be sleek, simple, performance-friendly and easy to use.