Winter Wood

Winter Wood is a photorealistic, optimized, high-detailed collection of winter forest trees and bushes. Mobile version included.

Supported versions:
SRP from Unity 2018+ to 2021.1
URP from Unity 2019+ to 2020.1
HDRP from Unity 2019+ to 2020.1

Asset include:

5 spruce tree with physically snowdrift fall and 3 spruce bushes.(Snowdrifts not include in mobile version)
3 type birch trees and 2 small tree.
2 undefined tree and 2 small bushes.
5 pine trees and 2 pine bushes.
11 grass-bushes.
4 HQ winter textures.
1 fallen snow particle
All prefabs have lod-s, billboards and colliders.

-Vegetation shaders with custom wind
-3 types of demo scene for each main renders
-Good skybox

LOD’s average tris:
Trees ~9000-4500-2000-30(cross)
Bushes ~1700-800-400-30(cross)

Mobile LOD’s average:
Trees ~3900-1900-700-30(cross)
Bushes ~500-300-150-30(cross)