Oculon, Eyeball Centipede Monster Game Enemy

This is a centipede monster partly inspired from classic games.

He is cute, but also scary. A bit creepy, a bit adorable.

Be sure to check out the Sketchfab preview for detailed information on polycount, bones, animations, and everything else.

The character comes with a simple animation controller, but it suggested you create an animation controller consistent with your game.

- Attack_Idle
- Melee_1
- Melee_2
- Attack_Ranged
- Die
- Strafe_Left
- Strafe_Right
- Take_Damage_1
- Take_Damage_2
- Walk_Cycle_1
- Walk_Cycle_2
- Rigged.
- Low poly density.
- 5,466 Polygons
- 4096 x 4096 res texture and normal maps.
Note: 2/23/21: Updated textures to be more realistic. Included HDRP textures. The HDRP game preview above shows what the creature looks like in the HDRP environment, however the creature downloads with a basic Unity Environment and HDRP textures.

Please note: This model *does not have LODs*. The level of detail available is seen on the wireframe previews. Also note that the polygon count is generally low, with detail being contained in color and normal maps.