FPS Shooter - Defense Pack And Warfare Bunkers

NOTE: Presentation video is made by importing the assets into the scene.(i-e EASYFPS and STANDARD ASSETS), as shown in presentation video

This package consists of a fps template with the environment prefabs, its an easy template to implement in any fps game.

Also contains bunkers photo scanned assets to create photorealistic battlefield environments. All materials are PBR.

Unique assets and Polygons Detail

Poly count: 241,585 vertices: 223,905

Texture Detail:
-High & Low resolution texture files
-Texture are in 2048*2048 sizes

Texture type:
-Base color
-Mask map

The pack includes:
- 8 unique bunkers, some of them with alternative textures.
- Octagon bunker
- Gas bunker
- Underground bunker
- Rooftop bunker
- Simple bunker
- Balcony bunker
- Defense obstacle & stair
- high quality textures(for VR and AR use Are pc Games , and Movies).
- low size texturs(for mobile Games very low drawcall).
- Lot of props like duckboards, wood & iron walls,anti-tank defenses.

This pack contains 7 prefabs:
one stairs
one defense
Five concrete bunkers with high & low resolution

All Bunkers have almost the same concrete material
Textures have both high resolution & low resolution files. (Albedo, Mask map, Normal)