QFX Terrain

QFX Terrain is a toolset to help you to create detailed tessellated terrains under Unity HDRP.

This package contains a Custom LayeredLit Shader supporting Distance-Based Tessellation and more than 4 HDR materials (up to 8), a scattering tool based on the splatmap RGBA channels, a fully editable and playable demo scene, several starter assets like SpeedTree models and a couple of HDRP-ready textures.

The purpose of this project is exclusively experimental. The Custom LayeredLit shader in this project is based on the Unity LayeredLit shader and its built-in macros. If any change is made by Unity on this part and make your project unstable or not working, the owner of this package won’t be responsible, in any circumstances, for the malfunction of your project.

For more information, please visit my blog post, here.