ResOrbs SALE

✨ -20% discount! ✨
6.00 USD --> 4.99 USD
The sale will last until about July 6th.

ResOrbs are fully customizable resource orbs for your GUI. You can use it to display the current health / mana / any resource of the player character.

⭐ But that's not all ... ⭐
You can create and custom progress animation, such as a loading screen. Also it's responsive, scales with the screen size, and you can use it on any platform.

Doesn’t compatible with the new UI Builder Package ❗

Package contains:
- 16 orb types (560x...x1100 pixel, transparent background)
- 12 frame types (250x...x1048 pixel, transparent background)
- 4 background (210x...x520 pixel, transparent background)
- 3 fill scroll types (which you can combine, 256x...x600 pixel)
- 3 glitter types (which you can combine, 200x...x480 pixel, transparent background)
- 1 demo scene and 1 prefab

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to leave a review or contact me at