Sci-Fi Weapons Cyberpunk Arsenal

Much more than just weapons.

Hundreds of hours in development over the span of a year, Sci-Fi Weapons: Cyberpunk Arsenal equips you with 1200 locked-and-loaded Sci-Fi sound effects. Command over 50 visceral Weapons, a range of Explosions & Beams and harness 18 support categories including Gore, Shields, Hit Markers, Bullet whiz-bys, Targeting SFX, Reloads and more! This might be the most versatile library of its kind.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Great sound library for Sci-Fi productions . . .
totally recommended!"
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You'll have a blast with:

Over 50 hard-hitting Weapons (696 sounds)
• Single and burst fire for most weapons.
New in v1.1 Looping sfx for many weapons – easily create sustained fire.
• Variants per weapon to add realism and keep players hooked.
• An extensive arsenal of mechanical, future-tech, and alien weaponry. Pistols (including Silenced), Blasters, Automatics, Shotguns, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Mines, Unique weapons including the Flange Cannon, Electron Impeller and Energy Orb. And more!

18 Support Categories to bring your worlds fully to life (427 sounds)
Ammo, Arm Weapon, Bullet By Centred, Bullet By Left to Right, Charges, Clothing Rustle, Cooldown, Giblets, Goo Splatter, Hit Markers, Impacts, Kill Confirms, Out Of Ammo, Reloads, Scope, Shields, Targeting, Vocalisations (robot and creature)

Explosions & things that go BOOM! (88 sounds)
64 explosion sounds across 5 categories, from distant shockwaves to up-close impacts. 24 tension-building timer beeps and risers.

Beams and Laser loops (23 sounds)

Looping Battlefield Ambiences (14 sounds) – New in v1.1
Immerse your audience in battles beyond the bounds of the screen. From muffled distant encounters heard from indoors, to right in the thick of it as spacecraft zoom by overhead.

Ready-to-use game-industry standard 24-bit 48kHz audio.

Includes 5 bonus ambiences from Dystopia to immerse players in your worlds.

I've got your back.
Need a particular weapon designed? Send me an email or Twitter DM and I’ll do my best to include it in an update! And best of all, updates are free for existing owners. The price will likely increase with future updates.

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