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Thumbtack - The Asset Pinner

Don't spend more time looking for your assets!
Pin them to one, easy to access place!

Thumbtack makes your workflow quicker by cutting the time you spend looking for the assets you use frequently.

If jumping between a couple of files scattered around your project is something you had come across - look no further, Thumbtack is here, and is here to help!
Simply right click an asset - any asset - and pin it onto the Pinboard - an easy to use, dockable window that's always there when you need it.

⚡ Useful Links ⚡
⌨️ Quick Start Guide
⬆️ Roadmap
☎️ Discord

⚡ Features ⚡
✔️ Pin Any Assets
Right click on an asset in the project - any asset - and click 'Pin' to add it to the Pinboard.

✔️ The Pinboard
The Pinboard stores all your pinned assets in a simple to access place. Double click on any of them to focus it in Project View, and in the Inspector - just like selecting any other asset.
Right-clicking on pinned items will let you show it in your file browser, or unpin it.
It's that simple!.

✔️ Pin and Unpin All At Once
You can also select multiple items - both in the Project window, and in the Pinboard - to pin and unpin them all at once!

⚡ Lightning Fast
Thumbtack can pin and unpin hundreds of assets at once with no sweat!

✔️ Drop assets into place
You can also pin assets to the pinboard by dragging them from project view and dropping them onto the Pinboard.

✔️ More Coming!
Check out our roadmap to see what's coming next! If you have any suggestions, found any bugs, or otherwise want to talk about Thumbtack - join our discord, leave us a comment, or contact us via e-mail. We'll be sure to look into your ideas, and help you with your problems.