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Orchestral Fantasy Adventure Music MEGA Collection


This Adventure Music Collection is jam-packed with 25 songs, of which 24 loop seamlessly. This music pack covers a wide variety of moods, locations, and atmospheres to bring life to any kind of Adventure Game. You can expect: Happy upbeat music, village themes, sad themes, mysterious themes, epic battle music, world themes (such as middle eastern and eastern) and MORE!

TRACKLIST (.wav, 44.1kHz, 16bit)
-Through The Mountains [4:38]
-Intense Battle (LOOP) [1:59]
-Dreaming (LOOP) [1:36]
-The Places We'll Go (LOOP) [2:12]
-Celtic Dreams (LOOP) [2:30]
-Forbidden Temple (LOOP) [2:23]
-The Forest At Night (LOOP) [2:36]
-Determination (LOOP) [1:44]
-Happy Village (LOOP) [1:52]
-Tavern Song (LOOP) [2:25]
-Home (LOOP) [1:23]
-The Emperor's City (LOOP) [2:08]
-Intrigue (LOOP) [1:56]
-Sad Theme (LOOP) [2:06]
-Desert Days (LOOP) [2:43]
-Village Dance (LOOP) [1:26]
-Pirates (LOOP) [1:37]
-Push Forward (LOOP) [2:46]
-Quirky Village (LOOP) [2:20]
-Tension (LOOP) [2:02]
-Mining Town (LOOP) [1:41]
-The Enemy Arrives (LOOP) [2:07]
-The Journey Begins (LOOP) [2:40]
-Tread Carefully (LOOP) [2:18]
-Dark Cave (LOOP) [2:04]

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