Wireframe Shader OFFICIAL SALE

Most wanted and demanded wireframe shader.

• 100% shader effect

• No script rendering (GL.Lines)

• No use of a second mesh/camera/material while rendering

• No DX11 required

• Mobile, console and VR ready

• One node integration with ShaderGraph and Amplify Shader Editor

• Quad and Triangle wireframe rendering

• Skinned meshes and blendshapes - Yes

• Various parameters for Wireframe visualization

• Wireframe distance and dynamic fade effects

• Tessellation and global illumination support

• Special Wireframe projector shader

• Wireframe Texture Exporter tool

• Simple, fast, beautiful ... amazing

Shaders support all render pipelines and are compatible with Curved World.

Before purchasing, check documentation for better understanding how tool works and try free demo version.

Asset is already included in the Amazing Shaders Bundle.


• Before rendering wireframe, it is necessary to calculate and bake it inside a mesh. Package includes all required tools for generating such meshes in editor and run-time.

• Quad wireframe visual quality depends on the mesh's vertex & triangle layout and is pure approximation by a shader.

• Tessellation and projector shaders work only in the Built-in render pipeline.

• Editor scripts are packed in .dll

Have questions? Forum.

Support and bug report: support@amazingassets.world


Supported Unity versions:

• Only the latest LTS versions of Unity 2019.4, 2020.3, 2021.3 and 2022.3 are supported.

• Unity alpha and beta versions are never supported.

• Unity 'tech release' versions are not officially supported.