PB Medieval Markets

This is a collection of handcrafted Medieval Markets and complimentary assets.
Included is a large selection of Market Layouts, Shop Houses, Merchant Stalls, Bulletin Boards, Post Boxes, Town Wells, Modular Wall sets (2 styles),
Storage sets, Animal Pen sets, Crate sets, Wagon sets, Cart sets, Barrow sets, Wall Shelf sets and many more.

BLUEPRINTS provides you with ready to use layouts that have been carefully crafted by logically adding assets in a manner that will have you end up with attractive points of interest that will look lived in and natural, adding to your project's level of professionalism.

Village Exteriors Kit & Village Interiors Kit packages are required to open these blueprints.
*NO texture or mesh data included !!!
*ONLY the selection of NEW MESH, mesh data included.

Do you want the Village Interiors Kit and VIllage Exteriors Kits ?
Then get the Medieval Village Kit Bundle and save 33%

Included Mesh & BLUEPRINTS:
- 44 New Meshes.
- 101 Prefabs & 345 BLUEPRINTS.
- 13 x Market BLUEPRINT layouts.
- 8 x Shop House BLUEPRINT layouts. (Interiors Included)
- 2 x Styles Modular Market Walls sets.
- 6 x Market Walls BLUEPRINT layouts.
- 52 x Merchant Stall BLUEPRINT layouts.
   4 x Armorer.
   2 x Blacksmith.
   4 x Brewery.
   4 x Butchery.
   3 x Candler.
   4 x Carpenter.
   3 x Carpet Maker.
   4 x Cartographer.
   4 x Fish Monger.
   4 x Grocer.
   3 x Lumberer.
   8 x Potter.
   4 x Scholar.
   4 x Tinkerer.
   3 x Trapper.
   1 x Wine Maker.
- 81 x Points of Interest BLUEPRINT layouts. (POI's)
   52 x Modular Bulletin Board BLUEPRINT layouts.
   18 x Post Box BLUEPRINT layouts.
   11 x Well BLUEPRINT layouts.
- 138 x Storage BLUEPRINTS.
   12 x Barrow sets.
   12 x Cart sets.
   8 x Wagon sets.
   12 x Goods Cluster sets.
   50 x Crate sets.
   28 x Animal Pen sets.
   8 x Stable sets.
   8 x Wall Shelf sets.

*Exteriors only as well as interiors/exterior combo blueprints included.
If you have the Village Exteriors Kit only, then you can still use the exteriors only blueprints.

Easy to use:
- Drag & Drop a blueprint into your scene.
- Adjust the parts down to the right height to match flat or uneven terrain.
- Paint some paths to the surroundings.
- Add your own animals, crops, plants and trees to your game scene to finish the lived in look & feel.

Benefits using BLUEPRINTS:
- Tiny file size, does not bloat project space. They are Prefabs.
- Easy Drag & Drop.
- Well structured to manage parts as you see fit.
- Well designed components at your Fingertips.

5 STAR rated Premium BLUEPRINTS available:
Medieval Adventure 1 | Farmlands 1 | Outpost & Trade Stations
Medieval Villages 1 | Medieval Villages 2 | Fishing Villages
Graveyards Cemeteries Shrines | City Walls | Tower Houses
Thunder Hammer Forge (free) | Sword & Shield Inn (free)
Frontier Settlement (free)

* Plants, animals and characters in the scenes are all 3rd party assets.
* Meadow Environment - Dynamic Nature was used for demo scenes

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