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Halloween Fantasy Magical Music Pack Vol.1

This is a music pack of 5 chamber orchestral​ tracks. These tracks create a fantastic, magical, spooky and comical atmosphere.
Perfect as background music for ghost town, Halloween events, battle with wizards, and so on.

Each track has 3 versions.

Main(wav 44.1khz 16bit, ogg)

Loop(wav 44.1khz 16bit, ogg)

LoopMarked(wav 48khz 24bit)

Main track is a full sized version.

Loop track is loopable when it is played repeatedly.

Loop points are embedded into LoopMarked track.
So you can this track as a loop track with intro. After end loop point, there is a fade-out of about 15 seconds.
Loop points are marked at a zero cross point, a moment when signal passes through 0. So there is no noise at loop.

Music Previews

Track List

1.Little Pumpkin Dance_Main(1:51)

1.Little Pumpkin Dance_Loop(0:54)

1.Little Pumpkin Dance_LoopMarked(1:09)

2.Goofy Witch_Main(1:32)

2.Goofy Witch_Loop(0:41)

2.Goofy Witch_LoopMarked(1:03)

3.Night Parade in a Ghost Town_Main(2:40)

3.Night Parade in a Ghost Town_Loop(1:07)

3.Night Parade in a Ghost Town_LoopMarked(1:42)

4.Lantern's Dancing_Main(2:04)

4.Lantern's Dancing_Loop(1:00)

4.Lantern's Dancing_LoopMarked(1:15)

5.Magical Castle on the Moon_Main(2:30)

5.Magical Castle on the Moon_Loop(1:14)

5.Magical Castle on the Moon_LoopMarked(1:29)