Billboard Shader

The main use of billboard shaders is to replace complex three-dimensional models (grass, bushes, or trees) by two-dimensional images. You can replace your 3D trees with a transparent image of a tree when they are far from the camera. Just create a material from this billboard shader and use your texture. Some sample tree textures included in the package.

- Sphericial and cylindrical billboard shaders. In spherical billboards the texture always face the camera. It rotates around all axes. In cylindrical billboards the texture always face the camera and only rotates around the Y axis. It doesn’t rotate around X and Z axes like the spherical.

- All billboard shaders react to lights in realtime. Compatible with day/night lighting cycles.

- Compatible with all render pipelines: Built-in, URP, HDRP

- Compatible with all platforms: PC, Console, Mac, iOS, Android, WebGL, VR