AR Game Simulation Templates

Supports Universal SRP Only!
Requires 2020.1.1f1 or later!

Please read the docs HERE before get it!

Written for Augmented Reality (android and iOS with AR Foundation), but scrips can be used on any platform (please read the docs).

Project DOES NOT contains any mission! It only contains ready to use prefabs and scripts for your AR games (usually war based games).

This is a whole project so please be careful when you import to your existing projects! It may break your settings (always backup).

- Simple helicopter controller, target controller, height controller (with dust particles)
- Simple joystick script to handle moved-stopped-tapped-doubleTapped events.
- Decals for hit objects (even on transparent floor for AR)
- Transparent shadow receiver shader (only for directional light with custom sky shaders)
- Ammo script (to create bullets or missiles etc) with hit-effect and decal prefab support.
- Auto trigger events for ammo's (to calculate hit, change health and custom prefab creation etc.)
- FireArm script for shooting positions (you can put that script on your gun or missile launcher etc). It creates the ammo prefab automatically.
- Healthbar script to visualize the player or enemy healths (on screen or world space).
- Vehicle script to mark player or enemy and to handle hit and health events etc.

Asset uses "Helicopter Controller" under MIT licence
Asset uses "Decal Shader" under MIT licence
Please see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details