Durak Template OOP (The Fool)

This is the complete card game templateDURAK (The Fool)
Include great card shirts and beautiful background.

♠♠♠♠♠ RULES ♠♠♠♠♠
♠ Deck of 36 cards.
♠ The firrst move made by player with lower trump.
♠ One draw and three draw rules.
♠ Simple DURAK rules.

♠ Fully documented code in C#.
Compatible with Unity5, Unity 2017, Unity 2018, Unity 2019.
♠ Great graphics.
♠ Good random for each game session.
♠ Ability to replay current Durak( The Fool) session.
♠ Ability to choose difficuly of AI.
♠ Ability to choose count of players.
♠ Ability to choose count of cards per each player.
♠ Ability to hide/show cards of AI players.
♠ Audio and vibration system with saving states.
♠ Simple interface and animations using DOTween plugin.
♠ Simple sounds and UI elements.
♠ Landscape screen orientation.
♠ Convenient operation.
♠ Implemented Admob advertisment with functionality for deactivate for free for the current game session.
♠ Ready to reskin.
♠ Ready to publish at stores.
♠ Easy to moderate.
♠ Google Admob advertisment (Intersitial, Banner, Reward). Test advertisment functional. Advertisment callbacks in editor.
Support: Android / iOs(Full support all asset features with AdMob advertisment) / PC/Mac/Linux (without advertisment)

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