Orchestra Music Ultimate Bundle

250 tracks, 15h over (Total Playback Time : 16h 25m 33s)
- Dramatic Orchestra Music Loop & NonLoop(75 tracks, 5h over, 9 genres)
- Electro Orchestra Music Loop & NonLoop(100 tracks, 6h over, 12 genres)
- Rock Orchestra Music Loop & NonLoop(75 tracks, 4h over, 10 genres)

-- Orchestra Music Ultimate Bundle Track List(PDF) --
-- Orchestra Music Ultimate Bundle All Track Sample Listenig(YouTube) --

This bundle contains looped and non-loop tracks useful for various scenes in your work, and this is the solution to your frustrations and difficulties in your search for high quality Orchestra tracks that will make your work even better.

Have you ever been frustrated by buying a music collection that contains only different versions of a song or by the inclusion of only short playtime songs that were difficult to use in your work ?

“Orchestra Music Ultimate Bundle” contains high quality tracks that will make your work even better. The huge number of tracks are categorized into easy-to-use genres and will solve the frustration of not being able to find the music you want to use.

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