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Industrial Multiplayer Map

⭐ This is a game-ready industrial map that contains many unique models and is great for multiplayer games (but you can also use it in single-player projects).

⭐ It is ready to work on mobile platforms and VR. But on the other hand, it has high-quality 8k textures and 4k decals, which allows you to use this asset for large projects on PCs and consoles.

⭐ The asset has a convenient modular system, and you can manage elements and buildings as you need.

⭐ All textures are combined into 3 maps, which allowed us to achieve ≈20 batches in the play mode.

⭐ All models are low-poly and the whole level has only 63.4k tris and 102.1k verts.

⭐ Also, this map can be used with URP and HDRP projects.

Support email - gercstudio@gmail.com | Discord