Ultimate Asset Bundle - Complete Asset Collection

With our Ultimate Asset Bundle you get access to our growing collection of assets, including more than 27 packages and even more content coming in the future!

Our useful editor tools help you to improve your workflow and create your games faster, while our game templates help you getting started to develop for mobile and desktop. Create state machines to control your UI , the flow of the game or your game characters. Improve your Editor workflow with Scriptable Templates and faster iterate through your UI color scheme with Color Control. Do you want to create your own hyper casual mobile game? We've got you covered with our collection of game templates!

With our modular 3D environments you can bring your games to life and design beautiful places and worlds, may it be a stylized nature scene or a futuristic scifi space station.

Last but not least: All of our assets come with complete source code, so you can adjust the projects as you wish or simply take a look at how we've got things done!

⭐️ Included Game Kits & Templates

Create professional twin stick shooter games, with our modular and extendable game framework, coming with the core systems and samples you need to get started!

Get started creating you own arcade style racing game in Unity with our new, clean and simple to use Arcade Racing Kit.

With this asset you get the complete source project of Skill Drive - a 3D game developed for desktop and tested on Windows. It supports keyboard and gampad input, setup with Unity's new Input System and uses Cinemachine and Post Processing to create nice and smooth effects.

Collecticon is a sample 2.5D game, ready to be explored and extended by you. The game comes with a main menu, level selection and 10 example levels.

We have written custom editors and menu items to make it easy for you to create custom levels, patrol paths for enemies and gates which need to be unlocked by the player in order to succeed. You can also design intro scenes and utilize our easy to use message system to create a custom story line!

Connect in 20 moves as many bubbles of the same color as possible. The larger the chain, the higher is the score revenue.

Select groups of two or more bubbles and pop them to increase your score. The more bubbles you can destroy at once the higher is the more points you earn.

Downhill Ride is simple but challeging game, ready to be extended by you and to be made your own!

Connect and merge dices with the same pair of eyes to create new dices - can you get "six"?

Merge hexagonal number tiles in this addictive mobile game inspired by 2048.

⭐️ Included 3D Environments & Assets

Create stunning and realistic abandoned environments with our Modular Undergound Environment Pack and the High Definition Render Pipeline!

Get started creating beautiful stylized nature environments with our modular environment pack and the Universal Render Pipeline.

Create a spooky stylized graveyard environment for your game with our modular environment pack and the Universal Render Pipeline.

Get started creating your own scifi station with our modular 3D environment models, setup with the High Definition Render Pipeline and ready to be used in your own project.

This package includes all you need to get started, creating your own custom office with the High Definition Render Pipeline in Unity.

Create beautiful stylized environments for your game with our modular asset pack!

Build your own poly styled dungeon with this modular asset set - including walls, stairs, pillars and doorways as well as animated flames and a demo scene to get you started right away.

Build your own poly styled dungeon with this modular asset set - including walls, stairs, pillars and doorways as well as animated flames and a demo scene to get you started right away.

⭐️ Included Plugins

Setup complex gameplay logic in the editor in an easy, extendable and modular way with our Game Action System.

Radar System is a plug and play solution for Unity that provides an easy-to-use and customizable radar system for any game genre.

The Health System Pro asset is a flexible plug and play solution for Unity games, with customizable health bars and components.

Setup graphic settings for your game in a few minutes with Graphics Control - our modular & easy to use graphic settings management solution!

Are you tired of rewriting all that MonoBehaviour script stuff right away after creating a new script? Create your scripts faster than ever and define your own custom templates instead! Need a Scriptable Object? Create it right away! Want to write a normal C# class? Do it without the boilerplate included!

With Visual State Machine you can create State Machines for every Game Object you want, directly in the Editor! Do you want to control the flow of your UI or need to implement different state conditions for your player or the enemies? Visual State Machine helps you out! Boost your progress and accelerate your workflow!

Adding music and soundeffects to your game always requires some coding to set up a system to control, expose and save the volume settings of your application. Volume Control has been designed to set up these things for you right away, giving you more time to focus on the most important - making great games!

Designing a great user interface can be a demanding task. Especially if you want to change the color of your UI, it can take a lot of time to adjust all elements. Color Control helps you out! Define your project colors as assets visually in the inspector. Color Control provides components to you, which automatically update your UI elements when you edit them.

Startup Manager provides to you an easy way to setup and initialize your persistent game systems at application startup.

Create new scenes faster with shortcuts and advanced options.

⭐️ Future Assets Included

All new assets that we release in the future will become a part of this bundle!