DETAILED - Medieval Castle

Astrofish Games Presents:
DETAILED - Medieval Castle

A high detailed, modular, Medieval Fantasy Castle environment kit.
As part of our DETAILED Environment Series.

With this pack you can:
Build a full Castle environment for all kinds of camera views.
This kit is designed for first and third person, but would work very well with 2.5d camera modes.

You can build ramparts, turrets, portcullis, central buildings, staircases and more.

The is visually consistent with the DETAILED - Medieval Village and associated kits.

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Full PBR textures.
This pack uses Standard Unity and only the Standard shader [apart from the placeholder fire effect]

This pack includes modular:
- Portcullis sections
- Turrets
- Ramparts
- Layered interesting buildings
- Cliffs
- Staircases & Platforms
- Castle interiors
- Foliage
- Assembly

All assets in the trailer and screenshots are included in the pack.

Key Features:

Models (x 300+)
- Walls
- Arches
- Doors
- Pillars
- Roofs
- Windows
- Fences
- Cobbles
- Paving
- Wooden Platforms
- Cliffs
- Props
- Stairs
- Foliage
- Assembly rocks/boulders

Building layer prefabs (x 90)
Complete, set dressed building Prefabs (x 11
Complete, building only prefabs (x 25)
Cliff prefabs (x 7)
Staircase modules (x 24)

Demo Scenes (x 2)
- Large Castle scene showcasing interior and exterior
- Showcase scene containing most prefabs. Most assets have LOD's where appropriate.

Technical Specifications
The Castle modules are mostly composited from between 1 and 3 objects. These are split based on material/trim sheet so that there are no single meshes with multiple materials. It's advised to maximize performance, to consolidate prefabs/buildings/zones geometry where you need to split per material

Average density of 250 tris per meter squared +/- 30% depending on importance and frequency of object use.

Textures are 4k 8bit, set up as Albedo,

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