PHOTON PUN 2 FPS MULTIPLAYER is a complete PUN 2 implementation of a Multiplayer First Person Shooter Game. This package is made using latest photon PUN2.

NOTICE: this asset requires PUN2 (Photon Unity Networking 2) in order to work. Importing Photon 2 (PUN 2 ) packages manually. Read the documentation first.
Documentation can be found here.

- Documented clean and simple code
- Full support
- Mobile controls and keyboard input included
- Complete Character's synchronization (position, rotation, speed, jump, animation)
- Raycast Shooting
- Physical Bullet Shooting
- Footsteps
- 3D Envirnment included
- 3D Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations
- Health is implemented over the network
- Easily exchange and/or add new content
- Supported platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS/UWP/WebGL

Download the demo to see it in action:
- Photon PUN2 - FPS Multiplayer

Contact Information :
- Webpage
- Send us an E-mail