Intense Combat Text

Intense Combat Text

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The easiest way to add professional looking floating combat text to your game!

Juice up your game with animated text to display damage, healing, score, gold, or even dialogue. Communicate info to your players using the most stylish and futuristic method known to game developers: flying numbers.


Easy to set up. Easier to use.
One click to set up your scene, then call CombatText.Spawn(), then use the time you just saved to catch up on your favorite show.

Other systems require you to manually reference styles using magic strings as keys. Tedious.

Here, all of your custom text styles are automatically discovered and referenced as Enum values.

Designed For Customization
Animate your texts’ movement, scale and color. Add a random offset, or an inline icon to your custom prefix or suffix. You can even include a custom background sprite to make your text pop, all without editing any prefabs.

Example Styles Included
Use one of many built-in text styles to get awesome results immediately, or use them as examples and design your own!

Meticulously Documented
Clear, step by step guides show you everything you need to get started. Thorough reference for every component and property.

One line of code is good, yes, but what about zero lines of code?
Includes built-in actions for Playmaker and Behavior Designer!


This package does not include any of the game assets in the video or screen shots. They are shown for demo purposes only.