Hyper Casual Games Bundle

With our Hyper Casual Games Bundle you get access to six of our awesome mobile and desktop game projects while saving more than 50% compared to buying single.

Each included game is a complete project, which you can modify as you need, extend or use as a reference for your own games.

Included Games:

Connect in 20 moves as many bubbles of the same color as possible. The larger the chain, the higher is the score revenue.

Downhill Ride is simple but challeging game, ready to be extended by you and to be made your own!

Select groups of two or more bubbles and pop them to increase your score. The more bubbles you can destroy at once the higher is the more points you earn.

Connect and merge dices with the same pair of eyes to create new dices - can you get "six"?

Merge hexagonal number tiles in this addictive mobile game inspired by 2048.

Collecticon is a sample 2.5D game, ready to be explored and extended by you. The game comes with a main menu, level selection and 10 example levels.

We have written custom editors and menu items to make it easy for you to create custom levels, patrol paths for enemies and gates which need to be unlocked by the player in order to succeed. You can also design intro scenes and utilize our easy to use message system to create a custom story line!