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Guard precious treasures or stop unruly trouble makers with this towering Peacekeeper. Designed to aid law enforcement or military and to de-escalate out of control groups but in the wrong hands can be used for very different situations.

48 Animations | 4k Textures + 4 variations | Includes environment asset

Package contains Peacekeeper asset with 48 animations covering a wide array of actions and concrete garage environment asset and layout.
Mesh is combined into sections- body, arms, legs and is skinned.

Render Pipelines:
Standard (2018.4) | URP (2019.3) | HDRP (2019.4)
(Unity version determines what package is downloaded. If you need specific package email me with your invoice # and I will send you the package you need)

(contains root motion to ensure minimal foot slipping. Controller NOT included)
• 2x Idle sequences
• Walk_start+Walk_end
• Walk
• Crouch+Crouch_stand
• Jump
• Attack_punch (left+right)
• Attack_hammer (left+right)
• Walk_90_turn (left+right)
• Turn_90 (left+right)
• Run_start+Run_stop
• Run
• Run_90_turn (left+right)
• Side_step (left+right)
• 2x Death sequences (left+right)
• 2x Death_recover sequences (left+right)
• Block and hit sequences (left+right)
• Impact front sequences (left+right)
• Impact rear sequences (left+right)
• Turn_180 (left+right)
• Turn_180_sweep_attack (left+right)

Red | Blue | Camo_0 | Camo_1
(contains materials and prefabs for each variation)
• Diffuse
• Metallic/Smoothness(RGBA)
• Normal
• Occlusion
• Emission (for headlamps)

Peacekeeper Robot - 14,997
Garage - 195

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