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Smart Character Generator 2D

Smart Character Generator 2D
Create, Customize, and Randomly Generate 2D characters within a minute!
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Smart Character Generator 2D (SCG) is a character creation system for Unity that helps you accelerate in your 2D game development by providing you tools to create 2D characters that are highly customizable and easy to animate. It also gives you the power of editing, saving, loading, and even randomly generating characters both in editor and runtime!


1. 🔧 Deep Customization
All parts of the character body can be edited, saved, loaded, and randomly generated both in editor and runtime.

> Quick Editing: Edit your character instantly from the inspector.
- Quickly alter the body shape to make skinny, tall and muscular 2D characters.
- Includes the control of face, hairstyle, breasts, and belly.
- Change Age & Gender of the character.
- Fully customize the clothes and colors of the character. The supported clothing options are shirt (or naked), inner shirt/armor, vest, sleeves, inner sleeves, coat, pants, skirt, gloves, long gloves, headwears, eyewear/mask, shoes, and boots.
- In-hand items customization is also included with controllable finger poses.
- Built-in Color Palettes help you pick colors faster.

> Deep Editing: Wants to turn all the knobs? You can go deeper and change the sprite, size, and color of every single part via the inspector or code.

2. 🎥 Animation Tools

> Perspective Simulation: Easily change the angle of the character’s perspective to give more depth to your animations.

> Built-in Joint system: Animate faster with the assistance of built-in handles, pose shortcuts, rotation limiter, toe joint, foot IK, and finger posing

> Ground Simulation: Position the character on the ground level automatically, With this feature, you can create walking animation clips that contain only rotational changes then let Ground Simulation handle all vertical translations of each character. So that walking clip will work on every character even though they have different heights.

> Skirt & Shirttail Simulation: Simulate the folding of skirt & shirttail based on leg rotations.

> Shadow Simulation: Simulate shadow based on the character’s pose.

> Sitting Simulation: Auto position the character to the seat at the desired height.

3. 📂 Save System
Save & Load Character Profile using binary files, works in the editor, and build.

4. 🎇 Random Character Generator
Generate random characters, you can also create patterns and rules to generate the specific kind of character with Variants system.

Additional Features
- Multi-layer body clothing.
- Save & Load Clothes only.
- Arm IK
- Sitting Simulation
And more...

Buy this once and get all the updates coming to Smart Character Generator 2D. I’ll keep improving this asset to give you the best experience in your 2D project development. If you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions about what to improve in the future make sure to let me know via:
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Or you can contact me directly at E-mail : phun.peeticharoenthum@gmail.com