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Human Body Anatomy Skeleton Muscle Skin

Skeleton, Muscle and Skin:
This package comes with all the textures in high quality, each texture includes its respective BUMPMAP texture to obtain a real pigmentation of the muscles, bones and skin.
It includes:
A mesh base-man skin, includes all the muscles separately and named in their correct order, and the skeleton also by separate parts, correctly named and grouped.
This package ncludes the entire denture, and each tooth comes separately with its own individual mesh.
It also includes the animation of all the muscles of the body, unfolding separately and folding again.
The photos show the muscles and bones as they come separately each and in groups.

Comes with perfect pixel textures resolution to provide a real anatomy high quality real color, for education, and games. -
Ready for (VR) Virtual Reality scenes and Augmented Reality (AR).
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