Modular Medieval City Houses

Build complete and diverse medieval cities in no time!

Includes a free pack of furniture!
This house pack is designed to work with both fantasy and medieval games. The architecture style is based on the beautiful medieval Tudor houses found in Western Europe.
This pack provides you with all the parts to build your very own city.

The walls are textured with tileable textures, enabling you to replace them with any texture that fits your needs!

- 56 textures divided over 19 texture sets.
- Color variations for more customization.
- Reusing textures where ever possible for the best performance
- Free furniture props.
- 107 Highly detailed meshes.
- 300 to 500 vertices for small meshes
- 600 to 2500 vertices for the medium meshes
- 2600 to 6000 vertices for the largest meshes
- Small details to add character to your houses
- 54 preset prefabs
- 69 part prefabs

This package is meant for the Universal render pipeline.
No aditional software is required for this assets pack to function.
No other packages are requiered for this pack to function.
There is no special technical requirement for this package.

If your scene looks flushed out, set your colorspace to linear.