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Rapid Adventure game Template

Rapid Adventure game Template is a game template that has all the features you need for an adventure game.
RAT makes it easy to add adventure game elements to your game.

Two modes

RAT has two modes, novel mode and load scene mode.
Novel mode makes it easy to create visual novels without the need for programming.
Load scene mode makes it easy to add adventure game features to your game.

Complete album mode and recollection mode

It is automatically registered in the album mode only by specifying in which frame the CG is registered when displaying the CG.
You don't have to touch the C# code at all.

Tutorials can be made

Focusing can be specified by specifying an object or range, making it easy to create a guided tutorial that combines text and focus.


A mechanism is provided to flexibly change the specifications according to the project requirements.
-A mechanism for creating your own command is provided.
-A mechanism is provided to replace the resource loading method.
-A mechanism is provided to change the location and contents of save data.

Open source unused

RAT does not use any libraries, so you don't have to worry about rights claims and library conflicts.