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Thumbnail Generator

Create custom screenshots and thumbnails in any resolution
+ Drag&Drop any scene
+ Drag&Drop any post process effect
+ Use anywhere at any time - no extra components

New in v1.1
- Preview image effects live in the scene.
- Drag and drop any scene to use as backgroundscene.

A global editor tool, meaning you can use it anywhere anytime. You don't need to add extra components or open special scenes.

Tool can be used in any sceneView and prefabeditor!
Drag and drop Image Effect materials and postprocessing Profiles/Volymes.
Supports custom reoslution for ultra high resolution screenshots.

- Thumbnail Tool (any SceneView and PrefabStage)
- Quick Generate dropdownmenu on assets (+multiselect)
- Extract copy of Unitys asset Thumbnail

- Custom Image Effect materials (+Frame Shader included)
- Dynamic BackgroundScenes
- Unity's PostProcessStack V2 (+example PostProcessProfiles)
- SRP Materials URP & HDRP