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Set of workbenches and tools

You can watch a short video review.
The set has basic workbenches for implementing a crafting system from collected resources.

- A circular gasoline saw for woodworking.
- Workbench for assembling weapons and objects.
- Box for storing items.
- Refrigerator for storing food.
- Oven for smelting ore.
- Small gas stove for cooking.
- Wooden box for storing loot.
- A device for desalination of water.
- Generator for supplying electricity.
- Shredder to create scrap metal for subsequent crafting.
- Concrete mixer for the production of building blocks
- Anvil for making weapons
- Also, these items are perfect for the environment in the style of post apocalypse style.
All models are worked out in detail.
Mesh density (tris):
- Workbench: 12128
- Refrigerator unlock: 3252
- Refrigerator lock: 3310
- Metal box unlock: 933
- Metal box lock: 574
- Shredder: 3458
- Circular saw: 3586
- Furnace: 1700
- Concrete Mixer: 3964
- Wood loot box: 1916
- Generator: 6362
- Distiller: 3468
- Gas stove: 1802
- Tools box: 3592
- Anvil: 622

Number of Unique Meshes: 15
Almost all texture maps have a resolution of 4k.