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Stylized Fantasy City - Exterior Modular

GYP Studios presents -
Stylized Fantasy City - Exterior Modular is made for Unity3D HDRP(High Definition Render Pipeline) Project.


It allows you to create a medieval & Rome style fantasy town. Most of all assets have 2 levels of LOD(level of detail). Focusing on the high detailed and fine art style, highly inspired by Ghibli Studio.

More than 1300 high-quality assets(include 5-8 different colors each).

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▶ Assets ◀
- Aqueducts
- Outdoor Lamps
- Awnings
- Domes
- Plaster Fences, Pillars, Walls
- Archs
- Bricks
- Walls
- Roofs
- Windows
- Doors
- Fences
- Bridge
- Chimneys
- Vegetations(Flowers, Grasses, Trees, Ivys, Flowerpots, Bushs)

▶ Modules ◀
Basic Blocks x7
Completed Buildings x22
Special Buildings x4
Building Levels x12
Entrances x9

This package works with HDRP(High Definition Render Pipeline) Project. Please aware of this and use it for the HDRP Project, but if you want to use another render pipeline, you can convert HDRP material to default material one by one.

Please check that this package Does not have skybox. You can buy AllSky - 200+ Sky / Skybox Set shown video and screenshot from the unity asset store.