MultiPlay - MultiPlayer Testing Without Builds

Run Multiple Unity Editors / Players from your original projects. No copies or build fuss!

[Currenty, running on Windows]

Running on Mac OS & Linux is still experimental at the moment and may not work as expected Please feel free to reach out by email for support

This tool was built to facilitate Multiplayer development experience. It allows unity to launch the same project multiple times within the editor to avoid re-building for every modification.

Features include:

  • One-click setup
  • Lightweight client of less than 1MB when Link Library is checked
  • Launches the right Unity Editor version for each project
  • Remembers client details after closure
  • Efficient AutoSync only when the original project scene is saved
  • Unlimited client count; initially capped to 20 but can be easily modified to allow for more
  • Complete control over each client independently
  • Clients can be grouped by selecting the same storage location

For Older Unity versions, prior to 2020, download from:

Users must have reasonable privileges i.e. no controlled access to common windows directories or user Registry HKCU. The same applies to Mac OS and Linux.