IControl - Easy Mobile Car and Helicopter control

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IControl - Easy Mobile Car and Helicopter control!
Only one script!!

ICntrol APK Demo

IControl give you the power to create very easy controlled car , truck or helicopter that ready to used for a mobile game!

• Two preset helicopters: Attack with missiles and Cargo that can lift a load.
• Car and Truck mobile control.
• Mobile input included (Steering Wheel , Arrows or Joystick)
• Easy scripts contol to add your own aircraft/cars models
• Water shader script.
• Helipad light script.
• Sounds included.
• Easily modifiable variables (e.g. top speed, rotation)
• Work with Mobile and Unity 2017.XX 2018.XX 2019.XX

The first video is a Tutorial and have PDF tutorial on the asset.

Email me for any questions or support!

The Free asset that included :
Simple Input System
Parts of - Simple FX - Cartoon Particles
Parts of - Low Poly Helicopters Pack Free
Parts of - POLYGON - Starter Pack