Low poly buildings with multiple color schemes - Colorful City

Colorful City - Low poly models with multiple color schemes

The entire package is based on one Diffuse texture and Material. Mobile ready - low amount of batches for the entire level design!

Each model has only ONE prefab with the script attached, which allows changing color schemes the easy way. No more multiple prefabs variants for each color!

Elements come with about 30+ premade color presets. Add diversity to your level design, make unique combinations, add new schemes, mix and match!

The package also includes a modular road system, props, and environmental elements.

Models content (with prefabs):
- 14 Buildings (with colliders)
- 13 Nature models (with colliders)
- 12 Road and pavement segments (modular)
- 7 Street props (with colliders)
- 2 Grass fields

- Main city scene
- Showcase scenes (models, props)

Materials and textures:
- 1 Main material (Standard)
- 1 Color map texture
- 1 Metallic/smoothiness texture

- DLL Library for managing color schemes
- DLL Library for editor UI

- Vector source file for color map (for edition)

Please contact us if you have any questions about the package or future updates!