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Whimsical Adventure Music Pack 1

Whether you're a gallant gingerbread knight traveling through an enchanted forest or attempting to leap across fluffy clouds with a single bound, Whimsical Adventure Music Pack 1 is the one for you. It contains five upbeat quirky musical pieces filled with orchestral instruments, synths and percussions as well as 24 sound effects, which include menu buttons, jingles and rewards.

Tracks included:

1. Adventure Awaits

2. Discovery

3. Trouble

4. Tromping Along

5. Wilderness Explorer
Sound effects:

- 3 Attacks

- 2 Deaths

- 4 Rewards

- 3 Jingles

- 8 Menu Buttons

- 4 Power Ups


All audio files are .wav 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo.

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