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low poly city Pack old

little men

entrepreneur, bartender, resident, policeman


billboard, advertisement, drain pipe, roof entrance, fire ladder, signage, wood, advertising stand, advertising pole, sun curtain, underpass, fence, bench with table, telephone box, bench, traffic light stand, trash bag, rack for signage, fire hydrant, trash can, parking meter, banner, street sign, traffic light, lantern, police revolver, winchester, double-barreled shotgun, smoothbore rifle, devolver, thompson, colt, shotgun, knife, brass knuckles, cartridges, empty box, sleeve, bottle, coater hammer a grenade, a police guard, the body, arch, fence

house fragments

foundation, corner foundation, two-way entrance, a fragment of a house with three stripes, a brick fragment of a building, a fragment with a ledge, an old fragment of a house, a fragment of a green house, a fragment of a house with a light facade, a fragment of an old-style house, a shop, a corner store, a house roof, corner roof of the house, roof, roof top, roof window, chimney, edge of the roof.


taxi, passenger car, water truck, truck, indoor pickup, old car, patrol car.


direct park path, corner park path, fork in the park path, intersection of the park path, grass, platform for special technics, bifurcation of the lane, road surface, parking lot, one-way road, part of the road, wide road, pedestrian crossing, direct walkway, turning the walkway onto 30 degrees, sidewalk, check-in to sidewalk, sidewalk with drain, inside corner of sidewalk, outside corner of sidewalk.

The total number of polygons in the project is 320115. In addition, the textures used are 13 images 512x512, 1 image 1024x1024