QR code Create And Reader

This is a tool for operating QR codes on the Unity platform. If you want to generate or read QR codes in Unity, then this tool will be an excellent choice for you. It’s main function is to simplify the operation of complex QR codes, so that you can easily integrate the QR code function in your program, which is, read the QR code and generate the QR code. . And also it can achieve cross-platform, no matter you are in windows, IOS, Android can easily read QR code and generate QR code. This resource can generate the qr code in batches, add your own small icon in the qr code, set the color of the qr code, identify the information in the qr code, support Chinese. Main features 1.Simple and easy to use, easy to integrate into your program, including a demo scene, making it easier for you to understand how to use the plugin 2.Cross-platform, windows, IOS, Android can run perfectly 3.Can generate and read QR codes 4.Support Chinese 5.Cheap price If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me