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New Features in KINDS PRO 1.3

  • Custom Drawers
  • Tags Tab
  • Layers Tab


If you were like me, you’d be spending a lot of time exploring game objects. I tried a few assets to reduce wasted time but they didn’t help me. I had to set up something or pay constant attention to use them. I wanted a more automatic one and Kinds is the result.

After much consideration, I found that grouping game objects by their component types was the most convenient method. In most cases, the reason you look for the game object is to access its component. So grouping by component type is natural and has less cognitive friction. Moreover, Kinds automatically regroups game objects whenever you load another scene. You don’t need to do anything!

Why don’t you download Kinds and boost your game development? :)


● Groups Objects by Component Type, Layer, and Tag

● Support Custom Drawers

● Selects and Frames Objects inside Kinds Window

● Edits Properties of Multiple Objects inside Kinds Window (Even Non-Selected Objects!)

● Custom Components, Layers, and Tags Supported (Pro Version)

● Searches Objects

● Locks Selected Objects

● Customizable Property Columns


● Tested with Unity 2018.4 to 2020.1


Kinds (Pro) - Fastest Explorer Ever

Remote Inspector (Pro) - Easy Remote Debugging

Shader HotSwap - Remote Shader Debugging

Compiling Indicator - Wait Relaxed

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