Sci-Fi Rock Music - Volume 1

The songs in this pack are also included in this tech instrumental music bundle.

"Darc Pop 85bpm"
Zombie cyborgs dance to this.

"Jupiter Gaseous"
Starting with a commanding industrial rock vibe slowly evolving into sci-fi-trap-rock genre with a hook of deliscousness.

"Black Hole Tempest" The preparation was not enough. It is now inevitable as the forces pull from nothing and everything at the same time with powers of nature we have yet to verify.

"Kale Breathe"
One of the downsides of interplanetary travel is costly supplies. The crew is left with nothing but nutrient filled kale chips as Darpolis longs for tacos.

"The Dial-up Dexterity"
A rock tune that conveys a slightly frantic emotion.

Note: The FILES in THIS asset are extra high quality, uncompressed 24-bit wav files at 44.1 khz. The songs in this package are also included in the Super Music Bundle. Please note, due to size limits, and being the largest collection of music on the asset store, the Super Music Bundle is provided in optimized .ogg format (especially great for smaller projects using version control for every branch of their project including art/audio files). Both formats Bohn Studios provides will work on every version from unity 4 to current 2020+ versions.

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